Parenting Fast-Track

In Montessori, parents are taught to observe and understand the needs of their children — and rightfully so.

But what about the needs of parents?

Moms and dads can find themselves in difficult situations with their children and not know how to handle them. For instance, what can parents do when…

-their daughter refuses to eat something?

-their son won’t put his toys away?

-both children don’t get to bed on time — and now they’re hitting, too??

There are simple and effective answers to such questions, and it’s incredibly helpful if parents can get them quickly and without judgment.

Montessori Education offers this with Parenting FastTrack, a 1-on-1 program created by Montessori educator Jesse McCarthy to meet the needs of parents seeking solutions RIGHT NOW.

If you’d like to get a better feel for what Parenting FastTrack is all about, check out this video: