Keynotes, Talks, and Workshops with Jesse McCarthy of Montessori Education

Thanks to Jesse's talents as a speaker, I was able to enroll many students into my new school and turn my dream of offering Montessori elementary in San Francisco into a reality.

Jesse knows how to get parents excited about their child’s education, and he has an especially effective way of communicating what is so unique about Montessori. He's an engaging, fun, and authentic speaker. I *highly* recommend him.

-Pari Schacht | Founder, Mission Montessori

We hosted Jesse as a keynote speaker at a summer seminar for a group of Acton Academy school owners and educators. His speech was the highlight of the week!

Jesse’s talk was on Montessori and the heroic things children are capable of. It was both insightful and inspiring. He brought several attendees to tears. I was especially impressed that Jesse had given so much thought to our unique audience. He designed his talk specifically for us. (Some attendees knew a lot about Montessori, while others knew very little.) At dinner the night after his presentation, the first thing I said to him — and what I genuinely felt — was “Wow!”

We were lucky to host Jesse for a talk before he was in such high demand, as what he delivered would have been worth it at twice the speaker fee!

-David Kirby | Cofounder, Acton DC

Jesse is an incredible speaker. I had him at our school to give a parent talk on the importance of staying for the "kindergarten" year and on the value of Montessori elementary. His presentation was informative and inspiring for our parents, and just a pleasure to attend.

We had at least four families re-evaluate their decision to move their children to public school. I highly recommend Jesse to anyone wishing to communicate the benefit of a Montessori education to their school community.

-Lynne Mills | Director, Heritage Montessori

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