Google & Montessori

The two founders of Google both attended Montessori school as children — and now credit that early education to some of their success as adults.

I benefited from [my] Montessori education, which in some ways gives the students a lot more freedom to do things at their own pace, to discover… Some of the credit for the willingness to go on your own interests, you can tie that back to that Montessori education.
— Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, Montessori child
We both went to Montessori school, and I think it was part of that training ... of being self-motivated, questioning what’s going on in the world, doing things a little bit different.
— Larry Page, co-founder of Google, Montessori child

Adding to these comments on the Google-Montessori connection is the former Vice President of Google (and CEO of Yahoo):

You can’t understand Google unless you know that both Larry and Sergey were Montessori kids. ... In Montessori school you go paint because you have something to express or you just want to do it that afternoon, not because the teacher said so. This is really baked into how Larry and Sergey approach problems. They’re always asking ‘Why should it be like that?’
— Marissa Mayer, former VP of Google

One of the beauties of Montessori education is it prepares children to chart their own course in life — as the founders of Google have undoubtedly demonstrated on a grand, world-changing scale.

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