Learning to Read

"This great discovery, this great emotion is one of the most wonderful feelings humankind can have. Adults will perhaps some day recollect this marvelous fact.

"The following happened in a school: while children were beginning to learn to read, one of the boys came to school with a folded piece of paper which he had kept in his [pocket]. He called a dear friend and said, “Listen, you wouldn't believe it, but there is a story in this”, and he read it to him. The other was filled with great wonder. “How”, said he, “can there be a story there?” He in turn hunted secretly among the books at home to see if he could find a story, and having found one, he tore out the page, folded it, and he too carried it to school. Without the teacher’s knowledge, it came about that every child carried hidden in their clothes pages torn from books."

--Maria Montessori