What Happens *After* Montessori?

If a child attends Montessori for his/her early education, how is the transition to “traditional” school after? And does Montessori really have that much of an influence on who a child becomes later in life, as an adult?

Today I speak with Meredith Narrowe, a former Montessori child who shares her experience in Montessori from age 2 to 10, and how she then transferred to public elementary and stayed through high school.

*Plot spoiler: Meredith winds up graduating from one of the highest ranked colleges in America and becoming a flourishing adult — attributing much of her success today to her early Montessori education as a child.

*If you’re listening on a cellphone, there may be a slight delay after pressing play.

Child with a Montessori Puzzle Map (of North America)

Child with a Montessori Puzzle Map (of North America)


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